Restaurant Smak Menu

Address: Skippergata 16B, 9008 Tromsø

Telephone: 941 76 110

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White asparagus, eggs, leeks

Artichoke soup, Artichoke, truffle

Today's fresh fish, cauliflower, mushrooms

Lamb of wild sheep, lovage, scorzonera root

Norwegian cheeses, suitable accessories

Blueberries, fresh cheese, vanilla

Prices 2021

6 dishes 1095,-   5 dishes 995,-    4 dishes 895, -

With wine
6 dishes 1995,-   5 dishes 1795,-   4 dishes 1495, -

Our menu depends on the season and changes every three weeks. All of our dishes are prepared from first-class, fresh ingredients, usually from local farms. We also have an extensive and carefully selected wine list, and we can always recommend a wine to suit your meal.