Restaurant Smak Menu

Address: Skippergata 16B, 9008 Tromsø

Telephone: 941 76 110

Angus from Bull farm
truffle & eggs from Jacobson at Berg

raw shrimps from Lyngen & spring onions

Catch of the day
asparagus from Hvasser & herbs

Lamb from Heggelund farm
carrots & morel

Norwegian cheeses
suitable sides

Rubarb & almonds

6 dishes 995,-   5 dishes 895,-    4 dishes 795, -

With wine
6 dishes 1795,-   5 dishes 1595,-   4 dishes 1365, -

Our menu depends on the season and changes every three weeks. All of our dishes are prepared from first-class, fresh ingredients, usually from local farms. We also have an extensive and carefully selected wine list, and we can always recommend a wine to suit your meal.